Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Georgian Smalls

Georgian smalls, left out to dry at Shugborough Hall's Servants' Quarters.

Photograph © Memoirs of the Celebrated Mrs Woffington.

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woodcut said...

Hi Mrs Woffington. I am just setting up my blog and note there are two of us that enjoy the works of Hogarth. Delightful. Give me a little while and I will post art work that explores the wonderful ideas Hogarth put before the viewing public

Vic said...

Love this image!!

Mrs Woffington said...

Thanks both for your comments, and woodcut, looking forward to seeing the blog!

Eliza Ward said...

Heehee! In the North End (Italian area) of Boston, you can still see laundry lines hung out across the backs of old brick buildings. The clothes look a little different from that though!!

Mrs Woffington said...

Thanks for all your comments Eliza; I enjoyed reading them though I won't reply to each because I have RSI in my right wrist and really SHOULD be off the computer altogether resting it. And it's so frustrating cos I'd like to be blogging, but will have to do housework instead. Boring!!