Sunday, 14 June 2009

Live from Stockholm

No images with this post I'm afraid because I'm blogging in a bizarre fashion from the television screen in my Stockholm hotel. I'm going to be posting up my pictures of today's trip to Drottningholm soon - we were extremely impressed with the palace and the beautiful 18th-century theatre, though the weather, it has to be said, has been dreadful. Still, not even wet shoes and socks could dampen my enthusiasm for the theatre; it's so rare to get the chance to see something original from the period (it hasn't been restored, but is pretty much as it was in 1766). Seeing a Handel opera there was an unforgettable experience; when I came out I was mildly surprised to see modern buildings, I'd been transported so thoroughly into the past. Well, more on this when I have access to my photos and a screen that isn't making me cross-eyed... We've loved Stockholm so far; the people have been friendly and the architecture and food are stunning. Visited the opera's tiny Backfickan bar yesterday for meatballs and some knockout rye bread; off to the Vasa Museum tomorrow to see the mighty warship that foundered in 1628. Let's hope it stops raining.

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Tutta Rolf said...

This weather has certainly had me depressed, the spring was so lovely and now this! Sorry you didn't get to see the Drottningholm park in the evening sun. I hope you got a thorough look around the theatre building, with those amazing rooms around the auditorium. I even love the smell of that building! Did you see the clips from Drottningholm on youtube with Dame Margot Fonteyn? I'm glad you're having a pleasant stay, in spite of this apalling weather. Enjoy the Vasa museum,and if you have time you should also visit the Nordic museum, the impressive building right next to the Vasa. The building alone is worth seeing, and they have a beautiful permanent exhibition of set tables through the centuries.
Best, Tutta

Mrs Woffington said...

Thnks Tutta Rolf, we did te theatre tour beforehand which was very interesting. The feeling of the building is so unique - we got the book so that we could keep some images of the remarkable interior. Just off for brunch in Gamla Stan and then to the Vasa (PS went to Chokladkoppen yesterday, you're lucky to have such great cafes!)