Tuesday, 14 July 2009

The Amadeus Award for Taste & Excellence

Without, I hope, detracting from this wonderful award with a prosaic introduction, I was uploading the latest iTunes on Sunday when it wiped out my wireless internet connection, so it was with an old-fashioned cable in the back of the machine that I learnt the news that Herr Mozart has generously awarded me The Amadeus Award for Taste & Excellence.

It certainly helped me get through the next few hours of struggling with wep keys and other such dull matters... but I digress. Herr Mozart is currently celebrating ten glorious years on the web (no small feat for a busy court composer) and I am honoured to receive this rather beautiful award. As the Maestro explains: 'The Amadeus Award for Taste and Excellence is to be given to five blogs that meet the qualifications which I have previously stated [sites that are dedicated to the 18th century and which demonstrate through their content and appearance the style and grace of that period in history]. Please give it in the spirit of community, love of history, and artful presentation.'

With these things in mind, I have chosen:

1. Tempus Fugit - The Doctor is already a winner of this award, but his design skills, video/photographs and reflections on the period really are outstanding.

2. Tale-pieces - a charming and well-informed blog on the activities of The Bewick Society.

3. American Duchess: Feathers, Finery & Frippery of the 18th Century - I'm in awe of Lauren Reeser's creativity and can't wait to see how her 18th-century gown project turns out.

4. Clerk of the Fur Trade - another beautifully presented site that gives a fascinating insight into the life of an 18th-century trader.

5. Slightly Obsessed - she may be slightly obsessed, but Widow Black is one clever, clever lady. Check out her beautiful period clothing, always so well researched.

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Lauren Stowell said...

Oh wow! Thanks for choosing the American Duchess blog for this award! I only now just found this and am deeply honored. Thankyou!

HMSAcasta.com said...

To be twice honored by those that I respect is quite an honor indeed! You have my most humble thanks.